cf-plot issuesΒΆ

If you find a problem with cf-plot please email Sadie Bartholomew ( with the following:

(i) the cf-python and cf-plot version numbers used:
print('cf-python version', cf.__version__)
print('cf-plot version', cfp.__version__)
(i) A short piece of code showing the problem
(iii) The data needed to make the plot

i.e. if you make a plot using:'cfplot_data/')[1]

Then use cf-python to write out the data used to make the plot and then send the data ( and plotting line to me.'cfplot_data/')[1]
cf.write(g, '')

Send the data ( and plotting lines as per below example to me:'')

If you are using arrays of data use numpy to write out the relevant data:'lons.npy', lons)'lats.npy', lats)'field.npy', field)