cfplot.setvars(file=None, title_fontsize=None, text_fontsize=None, colorbar_fontsize=None, colorbar_fontweight=None, axis_label_fontsize=None, title_fontweight=None, text_fontweight=None, axis_label_fontweight=None, fontweight=None, continent_thickness=None, continent_color=None, continent_linestyle=None, viewer=None, tspace_year=None, tspace_month=None, tspace_day=None, tspace_hour=None, xtick_label_rotation=None, xtick_label_align=None, ytick_label_rotation=None, ytick_label_align=None, legend_text_weight=None, legend_text_size=None, cs_uniform=None, master_title=None, master_title_location=None, master_title_fontsize=None, master_title_fontweight=None, dpi=None, land_color=None, ocean_color=None, lake_color=None, feature_zorder=None, rotated_grid_spacing=None, rotated_deg_spacing=None, rotated_continents=None, rotated_grid=None, rotated_labels=None, rotated_grid_thickness=None, legend_frame=None, legend_frame_edge_color=None, legend_frame_face_color=None, degsym=None, axis_width=None, grid=None, grid_x_spacing=None, grid_y_spacing=None, grid_zorder=None, grid_colour=None, grid_linestyle=None, grid_thickness=None, tight=None, level_spacing=None)[source]
setvars - set plotting variables and their defaults

file=None - output file name
title_fontsize=None - title fontsize, default=15
title_fontweight='normal' - title fontweight
text_fontsize='normal' - text font size, default=11
text_fontweight='normal' - text font weight
axis_label_fontsize=None - axis label fontsize, default=11
axis_label_fontweight='normal' - axis font weight
legend_text_size='11' - legend text size
legend_text_weight='normal' - legend text weight
colorbar_fontsize='11' - colorbar text size
colorbar_fontweight='normal' - colorbar font weight
legend_text_weight='normal' - legend text weight
master_title_fontsize=30 - master title font size
master_title_fontweight='normal' - master title font weight
continent_thickness=1.5 - default=1.5
continent_color='k' - default='k' (black)
continent_linestyle='solid' - default='k' (black)
viewer='display' - use ImageMagick display program
'matplotlib' to use image widget to view the picture
tspace_year=None - time axis spacing in years
tspace_month=None - time axis spacing in months
tspace_day=None - time axis spacing in days
tspace_hour=None - time axis spacing in hours
xtick_label_rotation=0 - rotation of xtick labels
xtick_label_align='center' - alignment of xtick labels
ytick_label_rotation=0 - rotation of ytick labels
ytick_label_align='right' - alignment of ytick labels
cs_uniform=True - make a uniform differential colour scale
master_title=None - master title text
master_title_location=[0.5,0.95] - master title location
dpi=None - dots per inch setting
land_color=None - land colour
ocean_color=None - ocean colour
lake_color=None - lake colour
feature_zorder=None - plotting zorder for above three features
rotated_grid_spacing=10 - rotated grid spacing in degrees
rotated_deg_spacing=0.75 - rotated grid spacing between graticule dots
rotated_deg_tkickness=1.0 - rotated grid thickness for longitude and latitude lines
rotated_continents=True - draw rotated continents
rotated_grid=True - draw rotated grid
rotated_labels=True - draw rotated grid labels
legend_frame=True - draw a frame around a lineplot legend
legend_frame_edge_color='k' - color for the legend frame
legend_frame_face_color=None - color for the legend background
degsym=True - add degree symbol to longitude and latitude axis labels
axis_width=None - width of line for the axes
grid=True - draw grid
grid_x_spacing=60 - grid longitude spacing in degrees
grid_x_spacing=30 - grid latitude spacing in degrees
grid_colour='k' - grid colour
grid_linestyle='--' - grid line style
grid_zorder=100 - plotting order for the grid lines
grid_thickness=1.0 - grid thickness
tight=False - remove whitespace around the plot
level_spacing=None - default contour level spacing - takes 'linear', 'log', 'loglike',
'outlier' and 'inspect'

Use setvars() to reset to the defaults