cfplot.mapset(lonmin=None, lonmax=None, latmin=None, latmax=None, proj='cyl', boundinglat=0, lon_0=0, lat_0=40, resolution='110m', user_mapset=1, aspect=None)[source]
mapset sets the mapping parameters.

lonmin=lonmin - minimum longitude
lonmax=lonmax - maximum longitude
latmin=latmin - minimum latitude
latmax=latmax - maximum latitude
proj=proj - 'cyl' for cylindrical projection. 'npstere' or 'spstere'
for northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere polar stereographic.
ortho, merc, moll, robin and lcc are abreviations for orthographic,
mercator, mollweide, robinson and lambert conformal projections
'rotated' for contour plots on the native rotated grid.

boundinglat=boundinglat - edge of the viewable latitudes in a
stereographic plot
lon_0=0 - longitude centre of desired map domain in polar
stereographic and orthogrphic plots
lat_0=40 - latitude centre of desired map domain in orthogrphic plots
resolution='110m' - the map resolution - can be one of '110m',
'50m' or '10m'. '50m' means 1:50,000,000 and not 50 metre.
user_mapset=user_mapset - variable to indicate whether a user call
to mapset has been made.

The default map plotting projection is the cyclindrical equidistant
projection from -180 to 180 in longitude and -90 to 90 in latitude.
To change the map view in this projection to over the United Kingdom,
for example, you would use
mapset(lonmin=-6, lonmax=3, latmin=50, latmax=60)
mapset(-6, 3, 50, 60)

The limits are -360 to 720 in longitude so to look at the equatorial
Pacific you could use
mapset(lonmin=90, lonmax=300, latmin=-30, latmax=30)
mapset(lonmin=-270, lonmax=-60, latmin=-30, latmax=30)

The default setting for the cylindrical projection is for 1 degree of
longitude to have the same size as one degree of latitude. When plotting
a smaller map setting aspect='auto' turns this off and the map fills the
plot area. Setting aspect to a number a circle will be stretched such that
the height is num times the width. aspect=1 is the same as aspect='equal'.

The proj parameter accepts 'npstere' and 'spstere' for northern
hemisphere or southern hemisphere polar stereographic projections.
In addition to these the boundinglat parameter sets the edge of the
viewable latitudes and lon_0 sets the centre of desired map domain.

Map settings are persistent until a new call to mapset is made. To
reset to the default map settings use mapset().