cfplot.levs(min=None, max=None, step=None, manual=None, extend='both')[source]
The levs command manually sets the contour levels.
min=min - minimum level
max=max - maximum level
step=step - step between levels
manual= manual - set levels manually
extend='neither', 'both', 'min', or 'max' - colour bar limit extensions
Use the levs command when a predefined set of levels is required. The
min, max and step parameters can be used to define a set of levels.
These can take integer or floating point numbers. If the min and max are specified
then a step also needs to be specified.
If just the step is specified then cf-plot will internally try to define a reasonable set
of levels.
If colour filled contours are plotted then the default is to extend
the minimum and maximum contours coloured for out of range values
- extend='both'.
Once a user call is made to levs the levels are persistent.
i.e. the next plot will use the same set of levels.
Use levs() to reset to undefined levels.