cfplot.cscale(scale=None, ncols=None, white=None, below=None, above=None, reverse=False, uniform=False)[source]
cscale - choose and manipulate colour maps. Around 200 colour scales are
available - see the gallery section for more details.

scale=None - name of colour map
ncols=None - number of colours for colour map
white=None - change these colours to be white
below=None - change the number of colours below the mid point of
the colour scale to be this
above=None - change the number of colours above the mid point of
the colour scale to be this
reverse=False - reverse the colour scale
uniform=False - produce a uniform colour scale.
For example: if below=3 and above=10 are specified
then initially below=10 and above=10 are used. The
colour scale is then cropped to use scale colours
6 to 19. This produces a more uniform intensity colour
scale than one where all the blues are compressed into
3 colours.

Personal colour maps are available by saving the map as red green blue
to a file with a set of values on each line.

Use cscale() To reset to the default settings.